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Contact data

For All Seasons Packing Sp. z o.o.

ul. Zwycięstwa 37, 75-022 Koszalin
tel. 094 3424140, 94 3424125
fax 094 3424113

NIP: 839-299-56-82
Regon: 220268117
Sąd Rejonowy Gdańsk
KRS: 0000259893

PLN 22 20 30 00 45 1110 0000 0153 5510
Bank BGŻ SA Oddział Operacyjny w Słupsku, ul. Plac Zwycięstwa 2, 76-200 Słupsk


Information booklet

Information booklet For All Seasons Packing Information booklet For All Seasons Packing is looking for people who want to work in Holland for Van Bergen Personeelsdiensten bv. This Dutch company offers work in horticulture. Work consists in packing and repacking tomatoes (Redstar), packing and repacking flower bulbs (Vanderschoot), arranging flower bouquets (Franken), working with potted flowers, orchids, gerberas, etc. more

More convenient for the clients

More convenient for the clients Making an effort to meet our clients' expectations, we have changed the location of our office. Now F.A.S. Packing is situated in a more comfortable office, on the first floor of the Building Hosso at st. Zwycięstwa 37 in Koszalin. more

WORK Holland is waiting for Poles

Due to simplified legal procedures, after Poland's accession to the European Union on 01 May 2004 and after the opening of the Dutch labour market, a large number of employees from Słupsk and its vicinity have left for Holland. These people leaving for Holland used the services of For All Seasons Packing Sp z o.o. situated in Koszalin , st. Zwycięstwa 37. more